Direct digital control (DDC) systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for buildings of all kinds. Institutional, industrial and commercial building operators are finding that DDC systems can not only simplify processes, but also save their company money and minimize its impact on the environment.


What are DDC systems?

DDC systems are used to control a building’s various systems from one central point. Depending on the building and its functions, these systems vary in complexity.

A building may incorporate a DDC system just to control its HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, or to automate the entire building by also controlling other mechanical and electrical systems.

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These controls are often referred to as building automation systems (BAS) and may control a building’s HVAC, lighting, alarm systems and more.


What are the benefits of a DDC system?

DDC systems can make your building processes easier and more efficient. They are programmable, so building operators can pre-set functions such as time schedules.

As well, most DDC systems collect data. The system is able to measure several variables in your building, such as the temperature, humidity, energy usage and so on. This data is sent to the operator in real-time, which allows for a quick response time for any issues that pop up, as well as the ability to study the data and make tweaks to make the system as efficient as possible.

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At Kimco, we are able to monitor this data in real-time from our office, and relay any important messages to our technicians who are then able to make adjustments and fix small issues before they become more serious.

DDC systems offer control over a building’s functions, and can help increase a building’s comfort levels while decreasing its energy consumption. Because of this, DDC systems help minimize a building’s impact on the environment, and often pay for themselves after a fairly short period of time.

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If you are interested in learning more about how a direct digital control system could benefit your building in the British Columbia Interior, contact Kimco today.

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