If you know anything about the Thompson Okanagan, you’re probably aware that it’s well-known for being a four-season playground.

With winters that bring enough snow for picturesque winter walks and weekends at the ski hill, and hot, semi-desert summers perfect for beach days, there’s something fun to do no matter the time of year.

However, living somewhere with drastic temperature changes like the ones we experience in the B.C. Interior also comes with its fair share of challenges. The summer heat and snowy winters are great, but only as long as you have a perfectly temperate space to escape to.


HVAC for commercial buildings in the Thompson Okanagan

While it’s important that homeowners in the Okanagan maintain their furnaces and air conditioners, it’s especially important for commercial and institutional buildings, because the temperature of these buildings often affects many people, products and even profits.

Unlike residential homes, when you own a business, your comfort level is not all that matters. You must also consider the comfort of your customers, who aren’t likely to stick around long if they’re sweating or shivering. If you have employees, you must also consider their comfort level, as a building’s air temperature can actually affect employee productivity.

Commerical HVAC Kelowna

For certain businesses, temperature is more than just an element of comfort. Without the proper HVAC system in place, perishable items such as food are at risk of going bad, which could cause lost profits. With so many farms and orchards in the Thompson Okanagan, the area is known for its fresh produce, and proper temperature controls help keep it that way.

Another prominent industry in the Okanagan and beyond is, of course, wine. Some may not realize how heavily wineries rely on temperature and humidity control throughout the winemaking process.

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These are all reasons why it’s so important that offices, stores, schools and other businesses in the Okanagan are aware of the importance of having their HVAC systems serviced regularly, preferably in the off-season, before they are needed most. With spring on its way, now is the time to consider having your HVAC system serviced before summer arrives.


Regulating building temperatures in the Thompson Okanagan

If you find you are struggling to maintain your building’s temperature, or you’re interested in decreasing energy usage without compromising comfort levels, a direct digital control system may be the solution for you.

Direct digital control (DDC) systems are used to automate a building’s HVAC system, and offer control over the entire building’s heating, ventilating and cooling systems from one central point. DDC systems also collect data regarding several variables in your building, such as temperature, humidity and energy usage, so that adjustments can be made accordingly. You can learn more about DDC systems here.

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There are several factors that affect a building’s temperature, including the number of people inside, the direction of the windows, the materials it’s made from, and so on. A certified HVAC technician will be able to assess these factors and help you achieve your temperature goals.

If you need assistance with you commercial, industrial or institutional HVAC system in Kelowna, the Thompson Okanagan or beyond, contact the team at Kimco - we would be happy to help!


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