When it comes to electrical work for your commercial building or business, there’s no sense in cutting corners. Ensuring that electrical work is completed properly and efficiently, and that you are working with a company that you can trust, is extremely important and will save you future headaches.

There are plenty of electricians to choose from in Kelowna and the surrounding areas in the Okanagan. Here are some questions that will help you find one that’s right for you.

Are the electricians certified?

First of all, make sure that the electricians you will be working with are qualified for the job. The technicians should have the correct certification, such as a Red Seal Journeyman Certification, or should be apprentices training under a certified Journeyman.

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It’s also important to ensure that the technicians have the proper safety certifications, such as a Field Safety Representative (FSR) certificate.

How much experience do they have?

The more experienced a company and its electricians are, the more likely it is that they have the knowledge and ability to complete your project with ease and come up with innovative solutions to overcome a variety of obstacles.

How many years has the company been in operation? What other projects have they worked on that are similar to yours? What do others have to say about their experiences working with this company? These are all useful questions to ask before making a decision.

Does the company have the proper licensing and insurance?

Like most tradespeople, electricians face many hazards on the job. Make sure that you work with a contractor who not only takes safety seriously with proper training and equipment, but also keeps their licensing and insurance up-to-date.

What is their availability?

If your business relies heavily on your electrical systems, make sure that the company you work with is available for 24/7 emergency repairs. The last thing you need is to lose out on business or have processes go awry because no one could help you in a pinch.

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Is the company aware of relevant rebate programs?

There are often rebates available for companies in British Columbia looking to upgrade to more efficient equipment. A good electrical contractor in Kelowna will be able to help you find relevant rebates and obtain funding.

Does the company offer energy management services?

When it comes to electrical systems, there are often plenty of opportunities to cut back on energy usage and decrease utility costs.

For example, automatic lighting controls can reduce costs through the use of daylight harvesting strategies and energy metering. At Kimco, we create customized energy-saving lighting plans for clients in order to maximize savings and create an ideal environment.

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Does the electrical contractor offer maintenance agreements?

Some electrical contractors in Kelowna offer preventative maintenance programs, or service contracts, to help keep clients’ systems running efficiently while also saving them money.

A well-designed preventative maintenance program will offer clients maintenance check-ups at a reduced rate, and may even include other perks such as discounted repair costs.

What other services does the company offer?

Business owners who are able to bundle and use one company for several services tend to save time and money. However, it’s important to ensure that the company specializes in each offering and is not simply a ‘jack of all trades’, so to speak.

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When a company and its technicians are proficient in multiple trades, such as electrical, HVAC and automation, they are often able to solve multiple issues in one appointment. They also have the ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ and may be able to spot potential opportunities to improve your building’s systems, beyond just the electrical system.

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