One of the reasons that now Owner and Head Manager, Electrical and Integration Management,Ken Watt, wanted to work with the HVAC control system company 18 years ago was for the technological advancements the company was integrating into their building automation and control work.


Nearly 20 years later he's helping to lead the charge, keeping the building automation services company current and innovating. "I love being a leader in this technology", says Ken. "I'm constantly playing with new devices and sensors."

One of those sensors is the O3 IoT Sensor Hub from Delta controls. This sensor has the ability to combine temperature, humidity, motion, sound and light sensing in a single, ceiling mounted device. The sensor fusion technology essentially replaces the need for separate controls. You won't need buttons, thermostats or switches all over your walls, leaving you with a clean, streamlined look and functionality.

The O3 IoT Sensor Hub from delta controls in one of the ways that Kimco is innovating building automation and control systems.

It really is a game changer, Ken explains. Once the sensor is mounted to your building's ceiling, it's essentially a case of set it and forget it. Kimco began testing the new technology - that can also connect to smart boards - while it was in its beta phase two years ago and will be implementing it in a new school building this year.

Some additional benefits of this technology are that the ceiling mounted feature of it means there's no tampering with the device. Also, if the sensor were to fail for some reason, you're only replacing one instead of multiple sensors.

"It's low maintenance, people don't have to be in there touching it. Once it's set up, it's there. It's done,"Ken says. "We're very excited."


Streamline your building's spaces through building automation with sensor fusion technology. Kimco has been leading the way in building management system HVAC for nearly 40 years. Contact us to get started.

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