They may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of sustainability, but buildings should be closer to the top of the list than they are for many. There is so much going on in a structure that affects its impact on the environment — that’s where Kimco comes in. HVAC, automation and electrical all play their role in creating a more efficient, sustainable building to enjoy for years to come.

Using intelligent energy management software makes taking in information from your building control systems clear, simple and efficient.

Retrofitting For Efficiency

It may seem daunting, but older buildings can be retrofitted with some simple changes to reduce their carbon footprint. Little things, like wireless controls that eliminate the need to rewire a building or integrating lighting into your building automation and control systems, can make a big impact.


Achieve Energy Efficiency Through Building Automation

A building that is outfitted with automation control systems will use less energy. That’s where integrated building automation systems come in. We work with one of our partners, Delta Controls, to help reduce the environmental impact of the buildings that we work on.


Integrated Building Management Systems

We keep talking about integration, but what does it mean? Gone are the days of looking at one piece of your building control systems like ventilation, lighting or security. By integrating those different aspects of your building management system into one, you take a holistic approach that helps your building to run as efficiently as possible. That makes your building easier to manage and also more cost-effective in the long run.


A New Way to Think About Your Metre

You may have looked at a metre reading and seen spikes in energy consumption. Another way that Delta Controls is helping us innovate with green initiatives is through energy management software that doesn’t just tell you that there was a spike, but why. Like a good doctor, energy management software isn’t looking to just treat your symptoms, but understand what’s happening and how to make it better. Intelligent software integrates different aspects of your building, provides energy consumption analytics and gives you the power to make smarter decisions for your building control systems.


Be a part of the solution. Learn more about rebates for energy efficiency upgrades with Kimco so you can keep innovating your building’s HVAC, automation, and electrical controls.

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