The Okanagan is famous for its long, hot summers, but ready or not - winter is coming. With the colder, shorter days just around the corner (sorry) what can you do now to prepare your HVAC system for winter?

It's time to think about prepping your HVAC system for winter. Maintenance with a certified HVAC technician is a worry-free way to get ready for the season.


Spring/Fall Maintenance

The best times of the year to perform HVAC maintenance and inspection are in the fall and spring. This avoids an unfortunate failure during the coldest and warmest months when you want your HVAC system to be functioning the most.

Some maintenance that will help keep you breathing easy this winter:

  • Air filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly.
  • Keep systems clean of dust and dirt, this keeps systems running smoothly and protects air quality.

An inspection by a commercial HVAC contractor will also keep you ahead of any parts that may need to be replaced or fixed, keeping your building safe and comfortable.

Consider Automation

There are many benefits of optimizing HVAC controls using building automation - and winter is one of them. Energy spikes in the winter can get costly, especially if you're managing a large property. When you have an integrated HVAC system, heating, lighting and security are automated into a seamless package that intelligently learns the patterns of your occupants and adjusts accordingly to keep them comfortable and your building running efficiently.

Just In Case...

If something does go wrong unexpectedly and you require maintenance, Kimco has certified heating and ventilation technicians on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


If your building's HVAC systems are in need of some TLC for the colder months Kimco's certified ventilation and heating technicians are ready to help. Contact us to get started.

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