Preventative maintenance solutions for your HVAC system are just one way to keep costs low and efficiency high.

When it comes to business expenses, HVAC costs can add up and make for a significant portion of your operational costs. You may think it's to be expected, but you don't have to brace yourself every time a bill comes. HVAC systems can be energy-intensive, but there are ways to save money on HVAC costs for your business:

Keep Regular Maintenance

Having regular maintenance performed on your HVAC systems helps to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. The best times of year for HVAC preventative maintenance are in the spring and fall - before the cold sets in and before the summer heat comes through. To keep things simple, opt for preventative maintenance solutions. When you sign up for Kimco's 3-year preventative maintenance program, a certified Kimco heating and ventilation technician not only performs regular check-ups on your building, but you're eligible for discounts of up to 5% on parts for repairs for the duration of our contract.


Upgrade Older HVAC Systems

Upgrading older equipment is a key cost-saver in the long run. The price tag and work involved in upgrading older equipment in a commercial building may seem daunting, but with a tiny bit of research, you can save significantly in retrofit costs thanks to energy efficiency rebates. FortisBC and Kimco work together for an energy efficiency rebate program that lets you save money on things like high-efficiency HVAC systems or EV charging stations in the Okanagan. Find out how you can get an energy efficiency rebate.


Building Automation and Control

Remember your mom telling you to turn off the lights when you leave a room? Well, she was onto something. Especially when you consider a large commercial building or school - there are such simple efficiencies through automation that can save money for your building. But you never have to remember to turn off the lights or adjust the thermostat again thanks to building automation. Lighting automation, which not only turns lights off automatically but can adjust to natural light coming in through windows (called daylight harvesting), is just the beginning. Heating and cooling are streamlined and easily automated to adjust on their own for no guesswork comfort at maximum efficiency which means maximum savings.


Don't wait to start saving money for your business. Contact Kimco today to start lowering your building's operational costs.

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