Before the Snow Flies: Your Fall HVAC Checklist

Published on: October 23, 2023

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Avoid costly surprises, keep energy efficiency high, and have building occupants smiling this winter by caring for your building’s HVAC system now.

Don’t let your heating and cooling system fail when you need it most. Now’s the time to make sure your HVAC system is functioning for winter.

Don’t let your heating and cooling system fail when you need it most. Now’s the time to make sure your HVAC system is functioning for winter.

Leaf blower? Check. Pumpkin pie? Check. Heating and cooling system inspection? Huh? As we head into fall, it’s time to take stock of your commercial HVAC system. Fall and spring are the best times for a maintenance check before the temperatures get too cold or too hot, and you find yourself in a real bind if something fails. Follow these fall HVAC maintenance tips to be prepared for anything winter can throw at you:

1. Check your furnace

Your furnace is an investment that will keep you and your buildings’ occupants warm when the temperatures drop. It’s extremely important to ensure it’s well-maintained! If your furnace runs on fuel, ensure your levels are ready for winter or schedule a delivery. A professional heating technician can inspect your furnace and heating system to ensure everything is ready for winter. 

2. Maintain air quality

When winter comes, people spend more time indoors, and keeping air quality high becomes more important than ever. Now’s the time to ensure vents are not blocked and air filters are replaced. However, the real secret weapon when it comes to air quality? Building automation. Technologies like demand control ventilation and air quality monitoring are invaluable to keep your occupants breathing easily. Learn more. 

3. Schedule regular maintenance checks

If keeping track of your building’s maintenance is overwhelming, or if you want the peace of mind a professional brings, consider scheduling regular maintenance checks. These quarterly checks are non-invasive, ensure your HVAC system is running smoothly, and allow you to avoid surprises by planning for upgrades and part replacements ahead of time. Learn more about preventative maintenance solutions for your building. 

The benefits of checking on your HVAC system before the snow flies

Don’t let your occupants get left out in the cold. Here are just some of the benefits of ensuring your heating and cooling system is functioning properly before winter comes:

No surprises 

Last-minute maintenance is always more costly than planned maintenance—and in some cases, the right parts can be on backorder for who knows how long! Avoid nasty (and costly) surprises when maintenance is up to snuff. 

Energy efficiency

A well-functioning HVAC system is efficient, avoids wasting energy, and keeps costs down.

High productivity

Comfortable workers are productive workers. Keep your team on track and avoid disruptions to workflow caused by thermostat malfunctions or other issues. You can’t type with frozen fingers!

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