Meet Your Energy Goals with Building Automation Systems

Published on: January 22, 2024

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New year, new energy goals. Building automation systems are one small way to make a big impact on your building’s energy use.

Building automation systems are your secret weapon when it comes to shrinking your carbon footprint and meeting energy goals.

Building automation systems are your secret weapon when it comes to shrinking your carbon footprint and meeting energy goals.

Imagine lowering your building’s energy usage by up to 29% without having to lift a finger. Energy efficiency is one of the biggest ways a company can lower its carbon footprint, but tackling energy use can be daunting. That’s where building automation systems come in. 

What are building automation systems?

Building automation systems use sensors and building control systems to monitor, automatically adjust, collect data on, and analyze your building’s heating, cooling, lighting, and more. 

How building automation technologies improve energy efficiency

Real time monitoring

Using sensors and other devices, your building control systems can be automatically adjusted for factors like light, temperature, and humidity in real-time. These adjustments are made based on automatically gathered information, including whether a room is empty or full, making comfort and energy efficiency an unconscious effort.  

Predict equipment failures and maintenance

Equipment that functions properly is key to energy efficiency. Through predictive analytics and machine learning, your system is ahead of the game when it comes to repairs and optimizations. 

Building automation integration

By integrating your building’s HVAC, lighting, and security systems through building energy management systems, your building’s vital components are streamlined for optimum efficiency. Building managers can easily see energy usage patterns, troubleshoot, or implement energy conservation strategies. 

Give them something to talk about

Investing in the sustainability of your building does more than help the planet and your bottom line. Leading by example will also attract top talent to your business or top businesses to your office building when they see how you’ve backed your company’s climate goals. 

Give your occupants something to brag about. Reach your energy goals by investing in building automation systems with Kimco Controls today.

Work with a people-first company that’s on the cutting edge of building automation, HVAC, and electrical technology in the Thompson-Okanagan. See how Kimco can help.

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