Meet your HVAC, Automation and Electrical Team: Colin G.

Published on: September 14, 2022

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Continuing our series of celebrating our employees, we are pleased to introduce our newest HVAC Estimator and Sales team member, Colin

Continuing our series of celebrating our employees, we are pleased to introduce our newest HVAC Estimator and Sales team member, Colin

The Kimco family tree keeps growing. With the latest in our employee series, we want to welcome our newest HVAC Estimator and Sales team member, Colin. Hailing from Ontario, Colin has been in Kelowna for two years now and joined the Kimco team in May. Welcome, Colin!

How do you end up here with Kimco?

I’ve been in the industry for the last one and a half years, coming from a general contracting background with a broad range of experience in the field. I came to Kimco on the recommendation of a friend. They mentioned Kimco was looking for an HVAC estimator and it turns out that was a great decision for me. 

What do you like about it so far?

I like the environment. The people. I’ve always worked for small businesses, companies with 15 employees or so. It’s exciting to feel like more of a team and collaboration. It’s a lot more fun in the office, it feels like a family, working directly with the owners and partners. There's no hierarchy. 

What appeals to you about working in HVAC, electrical and building automation? 

It's an ever-changing industry that's only growing. It’s exciting to see change all the time. In general contracting, it was a lot of the same thing. There's a lot of innovation in this industry which keeps your brain active. 

You’re originally from Ontario, how are you finding the switch to Kelowna?

My wife and I had always wanted to move to B.C. and when she started working remotely we finally had the opportunity. We chose Kelowna because we had friends here, but what was supposed to be a four-month trip turned into a permanent move. We actually just sold our house in Ontario, so it’s official. 

What do you love about the Kelowna lifestyle?

We do a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking and golfing since being out here. It’s much more of an active lifestyle. Living in Ontario, you go to work, come home from work, have dinner, go to bed and repeat. Whereas here there's so much to do on a daily basis, whether walking down to the beach or biking, golfing or hiking. There’s so much to do and, obviously, the scenery is spectacular.

Our team of specialists in automation, HVAC and electrical in Kelowna not only know their trade — they’re passionate about what they do. See how Kimco can help you today.

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