Meet your HVAC, Automation and Electrical Team: Elliott C.

Published on: June 27, 2022

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In the continuation of our series of celebrating our employees, we are pleased to introduce journeyman electrician, Elliott C.

Kimco welcomes our newest journeyman electrician, Elliott C., who is broadening his building automation skills on our Cranbrook team.  

Kimco welcomes our newest journeyman electrician, Elliott C., who is broadening his building automation skills on our Cranbrook team.  

First, we introduced you to some of the longtime faces on our Kimco team, now we want you to meet someone of the new talent coming on board. Meet Elliott C., our newest journeyman electrician and go-to electrician technician in Cranbrook. With eight years of experience in the trades, Elliott is excited to broaden his horizons by learning new building automation skills with Kimco.  Get to know Elliott in our Q&A!

So welcome to the Kimco team! How has it been going?

It's been good so far yeah. There's a good support system with management and coworkers. You're not really left hanging if you need something, you're helped. There's definitely a good support system and it's just nice to work in a positive work environment with like-minded people. 

I'm kind of new to the DDC controls side of things, and I'm excited to learn that. My experience has been more as a residential and commercial electrician, so I'm excited to learn lots of new stuff working for Kimco. It'll definitely be a learning experience for me, but I think it will be a good one.

What made you want to make that transition?

It was mostly just wanting to learn something new to broaden my horizons a bit. I've spent the last eight years or so doing commercial and residential electrical things like wiring, switches, lights and plugs. I wanted to branch out, learn a bit more and try something new but still within the electrical field.

How did you get into the trades? 

When I graduated high school I didn't know what I was going to do. A few of my friends were taking their electrical pre-apprenticeship program at the Okanagan College Penticton campus and I decided I'd give it a try and here I am, eight years later.

So clearly you’re enjoying it! What do you love about it?

Oh, for sure. It's been good. It's a very rewarding trade and it's nice to know that you can work anywhere. There's always evolving technology within the trade. Even in the eight years I've been doing it things have changed so much, moving more towards building automation and things like that. It kept me interested and that's why I wanted to switch over, but I would say the main things that have kept me going are learning new things and the stability of the work. It's very easy to find work, which is nice. I find it rewarding at the end of the day when you can sit back and look at what you've accomplished. If you've done a nice job you can see all your hard work and how it's functioning. 

What brought you to Cranbrook?

We moved here about a year ago for a change of scenery and a bit more affordability. I was keeping my eye out for something new to try. I've been looking to expand a little bit for a while now. Once the Kimco opportunity came up I couldn't say no.

What can we find you doing outside of work?

I'm very outdoorsy. so there's no shortage of outdoorsy things to do here in the Kootenays. I like to golf and fish and also into hiking. I would say mostly golfing, fishing and camping. I'm starting to get into hunting, but that's a new thing for me. I like learning new things from excitable dogs. The amount of good hunting there is in the area here.

Our technicians specializing in automation, HVAC and electrical in Cranbrook not only know their trade — they’re passionate about what they do. See how Kimco can help you today.

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