People-First Philosophy Drives Strong Growth For Our HVAC, Electrical and Automation Company

Published on: April 12, 2023

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As we've been growing, so has our team. Now, an important question—to what do we contribute to our growth? We plan to focus on going forward: our people.

Kimco Controls has been innovating HVAC, electrical, and building automation in Kelowna and beyond for almost 40 years. We’re not done yet! Learn more about our 2023 vision.

Launching into 2023 (can you believe it’s April already?) it’s important to take a step back and look at how far you’ve come. One thing we’ve noted is how our humble HVAC, automation and electrical company in Kelowna, that’s been keeping the lights on since 1984, keeps growing. 

As we've been growing, so has our team. Check out our current openings and join a team that wants to help each other succeed. 

Now, an important question—to what do we contribute to our growth? The key is the same thing that we plan to focus on going forward: our people. 


Our reliable, long-term employees make our knowledgeable and skilled, while also maintaining those integral, long-running relationships. 

That great reputation also means we can attract new talent. By bringing in qualified team members we’re able to grow while sharing knowledge from our more experienced employees. 

The people-first philosophy doesn’t only encapsulate our team, but our customers. By focusing on customer success through our internal processes, strong relationships and overall desire for customer satisfaction, we see results. It’s cliché but true—if the customer comes first, the customer will last. 

To The Future

In 2023 we’re going to continue to focus on the customer. We’ve done a lot of growing and we want to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction and nurture what we’ve built. 

To continue to provide excellent service you’ll find us looking to our team to have the right skills and training. Professional development is one of the best parts of a career—it’s an opportunity to continue to learn, grow and refine your skills and we look forward to doing that for our team. 

Did you know that training is one of our specialties? Learn more.

Our Service Regions

Over the years we’ve had the joy of expanding to different service regions. With a head office in Kelowna and regional offices in Penticton and Cranbrook, expanding the Kimco footprint has allowed us to better serve our communities. On that note, in 2023 we plan to focus on growing our Kootenay division to continue to provide the Thompson Okanagan with the best in HVAC, electrical and automation services available. 

It’s In The Culture

In 2023 we also plan to continue nurturing our workplace culture. Team building and company events are just the beginning. It’s important to acknowledge the contributions of every team member. We plan to ensure our team has clear expectations and goals and to keep showing appreciation as they hit each milestone. 

We’re also excited to start off 2023 with a newly renovated head office! More on that fresh start to come. 

Work for a people-first company that’s on the cutting edge of building automation, HVAC  and electrical in the Thompson-Okanagan. Check out our job postings and join the team today!

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