Argus Properties Head Office

Kimco was able to upgrade ageing equipment, improve energy efficiency and increase savings for this head office.

The Challenge

Kimco noticed that they were receiving a high volume of calls from the head office of Argus Properties. Different issues would arise, like heating or cooling not properly functioning.

Technicians were able to identify an ongoing problem: a strainer on the heat pump was blocking, resulting in heating issues and numerous calls for service.

  • Calls would result in finding a water strainer on the heat pump that was blocked.
  • This would not allow water to flow through the pump, which would cause the air to stop working.

“Kimco always answers my calls. They’re very responsive. They’re not always the lowest price but I get the best service — they show up when I need them.”

— Shawna Lundin, Property Manager, Argus Properties

The Kimco Solution

The team recommended installing a hydronic filter. Since installation almost two years ago, service calls to the building have decreased substantially — to almost none.

  • The building loop was cleaned.
  • The hydronic filtration system was installed.
  • Service calls were dramatically reduced.

The hydronic filtering was a solution to an ongoing problem, but it was also a fix that saved Argus in the long run, by not having service calls, frustrated clients, and heating issues.

Other ways that Kimco has helped keep Argus Properties’ head office running smoothly include preventative maintenance programs. The quarterly service:

  • Allows the team to pinpoint future servicing needs
  • Lets property management know what to expect and how much to budget for.
  • Avoids unpleasant and costly surprises.

“I trust them. We have maintenance programs with them, they look for things and always provide quotes if things are failing. I trust that they're not just trying to make work. They're actually things that need attention and you know if it's something you need to budget for. They let me know when something should be fixed. Maybe not necessarily right now, but down the line, it's going to need it and I can plan for it.”

— Shawna Lundin, Property Manager, Argus Properties


Commercial Building

Project Type:


Services Provided:

HVAC: Includes heating, cooling, ventilation.
Automation: Building automation increases efficiency and integrates key systems into a seamless package.
Water treatment:
Water treatment services in this building included hydronic filtering.
Gas Calibration:
Kimco uses gas calibration in the parkade of Argus Properties’ head office.


Kimco has been working with Argus Properties, one of Kelowna’s leading property groups, for 15 years. Their deep understanding of the head office property allows Kimco to keep the building running smoothly and fix ongoing issues.

When the team was receiving repeated calls concerning heating and cooling issues, they pinpointed a solution: a hydronic filtration system.
Service calls were substantially reduced and the fix saves Argus Properties in energy and costs in the long run. Kimco also services 17 buildings managed by Argus Properties.

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