BX Elementary School Administration Building, Vernon

Kimco automated the entrance, lighting and HVAC system for this new school building.

Kimco automated the entrance, lighting and HVAC system for this new school building.

Kimco automated the entrance, lighting and HVAC system for this new school building.

The Goal

School District #22 recently finished a 13-classroom addition to BX Elementary School in Vernon and needed to introduce a new automation system that would boost its energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint.

The school district needed controls for the school’s entrance system, lighting, water, HVAC system, fresh air intake and carbon dioxide levels.

The district turned to its long-time contractor Kimco Controls, which has installed or upgraded automation controls all across School District #22, and has worked with six other school districts on automation projects.

“When I see Kimco on my job site, I stop worrying. I just know from start to finish they’re going to get it done. We had one call from them for the initial setup and three months later they called to let me know it was all done and everything was working great. There were zero problems in between.”

— Archie Stogianos, Director of Facilities, School District #22

The Kimco Solution

Kimco installed Delta Controls’ DDC system at BX Elementary. The system manages building access with a fob reader at the front door, controls the building’s lighting and manages the school's entire HVAC system, including the fan coil system, water system, building pressurization and boilers.

Facilities staff at the school district can use the system to set temperature thresholds for automatic adjustment and determine when the air conditioning or heating should turn on. They can also monitor rooms’ fresh air intake and carbon dioxide levels. Occupancy sensors at sinks, urinals and more control the flow of water, helping to reduce the school’s water usage. All controls are easily accessed from an online dashboard, so facilities staff can remotely monitor everything from how clean a filter is to how many amps of power a fan is drawing.

While it will take at least a year to realize the cost savings and carbon footprint reduction from the automation, the district has already seen massive improvements from Kimco’s automation installations and upgrades at its other schools. School District #22’s director of facilities Archie Stogianos said the district has reduced its across-the-board carbon footprint by a substantial 11 per cent.

Kimco will soon be upgrading the automation systems for the remainder of the BX Elementary, which includes 16 classrooms and a gymnasium.

“In the world we live in today we have to reduce our carbon footprint, and therefore we have to know what kind of carbon footprint the building has. Building automation prevents you from using too much energy when it’s not needed.”

— Ken Watt, Owner, Kimco Controls

“We contract Kimco to do all our automation across the district, everything from installing to programming and monitoring when we have a problem. We get nothing but compliments from our teaching staff on their professionalism.”

— Archie Stogianos, Director of Facilities, School District #22


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Building automation of a 13-classroom addition to BX Elementary that increases efficiency, saves on energy costs and reduces the school’s carbon footprint


Kimco Controls has been working with School District #22, which contains five secondary schools and 14 elementary schools, for roughly 30 years. Kimco was contracted to automate a 13-classroom addition to BX Elementary School in Vernon. Kimco installed Delta Controls’ DDC automation to control the entrance system, lighting, water and HVAC system. The solution is expected to improve the school building’s efficiency and lead to a carbon footprint reduction.

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