SD#23 École HS Grenda Middle

This modern new middle school opened its doors in 2021 with 600 diverse spaces for students to learn and create in.

The Goal

Designed using input from the community and natural light and space in mind, the HS Grenda middle school holds 600 new spaces for diverse uses like an art studio, dance studio and large gymnasium. On top of that, unique, multipurpose “learning stairs'' span three-building stories and are a versatile feature of the building. The school needed to operate efficiently and comfortably over multiple spaces while balancing features like natural light and open spaces.

The school also:

  • Includes a neighbourhood learning centre
  • Features open space and natural light
  • Enables collaboration and community

The Kimco Solution

The HS Grenda Middle School posed an excellent opportunity for Kimco to integrate building control systems into a new construction that utilizes natural light, open spaces and many different, multipurpose spaces. By using the latest building control systems technology, HS Grenda operates large spaces at maximum efficiency, saving money in the long run. Building maintenance is also a breeze thanks to software integration.

Using their expertise in building automation systems, Kimco was able to apply:

  • System integration into a district-wide software system, making building maintenance and monitoring quick and simple.
  • The latest technology, superior design, and efficient systems programming for energy management.
  • HVAC automation integrating lighting, intrusion and fire alarms for a secure and efficient building.
  • Energy monitoring for maximum efficiency.



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The HS Grenda Middle School is a brand new school completed in 2021, with 600 new spaces for students to learn, explore and create. More than a school, the building also serves the Lake Country community with a neighbourhood learning centre.

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