Interior Savings Credit Union

Kimco maintained a decades-long HVAC contract with ISCU through superior customer service.

The Challenge

Interior Savings Credit Union, a financial institution for the British Columbia interior region, needed experienced technicians to perform regular maintenance checks on its branch’s HVAC system to ensure it’s running well, and allow credit union professionals to focus on what they do best: providing financial services to Okanagan residents. At its main hub in Kelowna, in particular, the HVAC system is operating nearly 24/7 to accommodate various staff in the building.

ISCU first contracted Kimco to maintain its Kelowna location, and has since expanded the contract out to 11 other locations.

“Kimco’s always fair with pricing and they're reliable, they’re able to accommodate our needs at all of our branches in regards to multiple services, whether plumbing or HVAC. The owners value our contracts and they're very supportive.”

— Jason Paul, Premises Coordinator, Interior Savings Credit Union

The Kimco Solution

Kimco has been the HVAC maintenance contractor for ISCU’s Kelowna main hub for more than 15 years now, thanks to its superior work and customer service, and has contracts with 11 other branches of the credit union.

Kimco technicians perform thorough maintenance on ISCU’s HVAC system on a quarterly basis, with two of those being major evaluations. The maintenance visits involve checking the state of all pieces of equipment, ensuring the water system is flowing well, and sweeping out the mechanical rooms. The company’s technicians also keep in regular contact with ISCU’s facilities staff to make sure they're happy and the equipment is operating well.

The result has been HVAC systems at all branches that run well year-round and haven’t had any regular issues or breakdowns.

“They have great customer service, their standards are high and the technicians they employ are quality. They keep in contact with us to make sure we’re happy.”

— Jason Paul, Interior Savings Credit Union


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Regular HVAC maintenance on 12 Interior Savings Credit Union branches that have kept all units operational and the client happy


Kimco has been working with the Interior Savings Credit Union as its HVAC maintenance contractor for between 15 and 20 years, since the financial institution’s main Okanagan hub, in downtown Kelowna, was built. It now has maintenance contracts for a dozen branches through the Okanagan region. Kimco has kept ISCU happy with its superior customer service, thorough maintenance checks and experienced technicians.

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