Pushor Mitchell Lawyers Building

One of Kimco’s longest relationships, an intimate knowledge of this building allows the premier law firm to run optimally.

The Challenge

Several cases highlight the benefit of this 30+ year relationship between Kimco and Pushor Mitchell.

The Ageing Boiler

Eight years ago, an ageing boiler system was leading to multiple service calls. The outdated boiler:

  • Required frequent repairs.
  • Was increasingly costly.
  • Was inefficient.


A compressor in the building’s air conditioning system had failed and was on order, but there were delays in delivery. Unfortunately, that’s when a heatwave struck Kelowna. With temperatures creeping above 40 degrees, Kimco had to find alternative ways of cooling down the building.

DDC Automation Goal

The Pushor Mitchell law firm building houses professionals who are performing at an extremely high level and needn’t be distracted by:

  • Temperatures
  • Airflow
  • Security systems

“The technicians are very knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, and they’re very good at responding quickly. I haven't met a tech yet that hasn't been really good at explaining what they're doing.”

— Leanna Nyen, Manager, Pushor Mitchell Lawyers

The Kimco Solution

The Boiler Solution

Kimco approached Pushor Mitchell to replace the boiler. Not only would a replacement upgrade save them money in the long run, but Kimco would be able to guide them through a rebate program with the province. Installing the new boiler:

  • Had tremendous savings upfront through the FortisBC rebate program.
  • Is high-efficiency
  • Saves in cost and energy in the long term.

Heatwave Solution

In a circumstance like this, Kimco had to rely on their resources, knowing the building really well and what you can and can’t do. That knowledge was key in finding creative cooling solutions including:

  • Adjustments to the building’s automation.
  • A temporary sprinkler system on condenser coils to prevent circuit overloading.

Kimco’s solutions kept the building running for two weeks in 45-degree temperatures until the compressor was replaced, and the building could run optimally again.

DDC Automation Solution

An early adopter of DDC automation, the building was recently upgraded to the latest software from Delta Controls. With this upgraded monitoring system:

  • Remote adjustments can be made if temperatures go above or below certain setpoints.
  • Potential issues and solutions can be investigated remotely.
  • Issues are fixed before lawyers in the building are ever aware.

“We have a maintenance program with them and that really helps to make sure that we're running at peak efficiency for our HVAC system, which is important to keep the business running.”

— Leanna Nyen, Manager, Pushor Mitchell Lawyers


Commercial Building

Project Type:


Services Provided:

Automation: Includes a recent upgrade to the latest Delta DDC automation. Pushor Mitchell was an early adopter of automation technologies.
Heating, cooling and ventilation which includes quarterly maintenance programs.
Water Treatment:
Closed-loop with air conditioning and water heating includes regular water testing and treatment.


One of Kimco’s oldest clients, Pushor Mitchell has been working with the HVAC, automation and electrical company for 30 years.

That intimate knowledge of the building allows Kimco to provide creative solutions, suggesting key upgrades that can equal big savings for the client in the long run, like a boiler upgrade using a FortisBC rebate.

Or, when the building needed cooling during a recent heatwave, the team knew exactly what to do — and quickly.

Maintenance programs and building automation upgrades help the law firm run optimally, so the clients can focus on what they do best.

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