Rocky Mountain School District #6

For over 25 years, Kimco has been helping to innovate and service the 20 buildings in Kimberley’s School District #6 through building automation services and more.

The Goal

Managing multiple buildings over a large geographic area (stretching from beyond Rogers Pass to Kimberley) can be challenging. Diagnosing issues, replacing equipment, travel time to different buildings — the district stood to benefit from installing Delta Controls building automation and control systems.

Furthermore, when it comes to HVAC and automation systems for so many school buildings, the district needs to know they can rely on technicians that respond quickly and resolve issues in a timely manner and professionally.

At the same time, the district needs to work with a DDC controls company that will team up with their own technicians, and even provide automation training so the district’s technicians can problem solve on their own as well.

“Kimco has been with the school district since before I got here, so I know they're really reliable. That's why they're still here — and they have a good team.”

— Andrew Roberts, School District #6

The Kimco Solution

Smart Building Automation

Installing Delta Controls building management software in all of District #6’s educational institutions was the clear solution for keeping all 17-plus buildings running smoothly.

The building automation and control solution allows everything to be managed remotely and includes graphics that show all of the equipment. For a technician responsible for so many buildings over a large area, it means that they can log into the software from anywhere and look at multiple buildings for anomalies without visiting each individual building.

Diagnosis of any issues can generally be handled remotely as well, meaning that by the time you arrive at the building, you already know what’s wrong and have the parts to fix it.

Training and Teamwork

Kimco Controls works well with the district’s own technicians and also helps to train them in Delta Controls. That way they are empowered to handle any issues that arise independently.

Quick Response Times

Opening the Cranbrook office in 2019 allows Kimco to respond to any issues in School District #6 extremely quickly — there is even a Kimberley-based technician that the district is grateful to have nearby should any issues arise. Kimco is the district’s go-to solution for HVAC and automation in Cranbrook.

“They’re a phenomenal district to work with and have an amazing team. We know the buildings inside and out.”

 Ken Watt, Director of Business Development, Kimco Controls

“They help us out in all HVAC, automation — it's everything that we deal with in our school system, those guys have got their hands in it. It's great because it can be controlled remotely, if there's an issue they can handle it from a remote office, or, I have access to all our programs here as well. So if I can't really get to the bottom of it, they can. Since they've moved into Cranbrook they're a phone call away. One of their service technicians lives in Kimberley so it's great, it's same-day service.”

Andrew Roberts, School District #6



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Automation systems are the main service provided by Kimco to the district. Every one of School District #6’s buildings has Kimco’s Delta Controls DDC system installed.

The HVAC contractors handle School District #6’s HVAC needs, including furnace services.


Kimco Controls has been working with School District #6 for close to 30 years. The building management system experts service the district’s 17 currently active elementary, middle, secondary and alternate schools. By installing DDC controls in all buildings, Kimco helps the schools run efficiently, with the ability to troubleshoot remotely.

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