The Valens Company

Kimco designed and built a custom building automation system for this cannabis derivatives manufacturer

The Challenge

Manufacturing cannabis derivatives — such as oils, concentrates, edibles, topicals, vapes and more — is both an art and a science. It requires the environment in each of the facility’s rooms to be ultra precise to ensure a high-quality product.

The Valens Company contracted Kimco to install a building automation system that would not only give the company that level of precision, but could also reduce or prevent HVAC downtime and save Valens money on heating, cooling and water usage. Given the level of precision required, Kimco needed to deliver a custom-built solution for the facility.

“We have had the opportunity of working with Kimco on a wide range of automation projects, and we are happy to say they have delivered on every occasion. The building automation system they have provided gives us complete real time control over our building environmental conditions with analytical logging, and alarm notifications which is integral in maintaining our high level of product quality, reducing downtime, and cost savings. Kimco did a great job on the graphics platform and their service after installation did not waver.”

Carmelino Grande, Facility Manager, The Valens Company

The Kimco Solution

Kimco worked closely with Valens scientists to understand the specific requirements of the extraction facility’s cleanrooms. Cleanrooms, usually associated with the pharmaceutical, high-tech and medical manufacturing industries, have class ratings that indicate the number of airborne particle counts within a cubic unit of air, and the goal is to carefully maintain the rooms’ air quality, humidity, temperature and pressurization.

Kimco also worked with a team of contractors and engineers to develop a customized solution that met these stringent requirements. Working with a mechanical contractor, Kimco determined the best place for the HVAC equipment was on the exterior of the building, to be fed into the facility; this way, when the system needed maintaining, future technicians would not contaminate any of Valens’ rooms with dust or dirt.

Kimco’s building automation solution, which featured Delta Controls’ technology, gave Valens facilities staff real-time control over the building’s environmental conditions, analytical logging and alarm notifications should the temperature, humidity or air quality fall out of the appropriate range. The system has saved Valens’ downtime and reduced HVAC costs at the facility.

“We have full confidence in Kimco’s equipment and workmanship, when it comes to keeping our staff safe in our most critical spaces with redundancy and fail safes features at the forefront. They genuinely share our passion for high quality and service.”

— Carmelino Grande, Facility Manager, The Valens Company

“It’s a very unique facility so the temperature automation for all the rooms had to be very precise; with a cannabis grow facility, if you’re out a couple of degrees that’s huge and could kill the plants. We worked with scientists who specialized in extraction and growing and really nailed down how precise the environment had to be.”

— Ken Watt, Owner, Kimco Controls


Cannabis extraction facility

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Automation: Building automation for a cannabis derivatives manufacturing facility that ensures Valens maintains a high product quality and saves on HVAC costs


Building on its success as a leading cannabis derivatives manufacturer, the Valens Company built a second manufacturing and processing facility in Kelowna, B.C. It contracted Kimco to install a customized building automation system that would give the company real-time understanding and control over the building’s environmental conditions. Kimco finished the work in February 2021.

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