An Energy-Efficient New Year for Automation, Electrical and HVAC in Kelowna

Published on: January 27, 2022

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Kimco is a FortisBC Trade Ally Member, which means we're here to help you get the best prices on energy-efficient automation, electrical and HVAC services.

A new year comes new partnerships, and we are excited to highlight the upcoming benefits.

A new year comes new partnerships, and we are excited to highlight the upcoming benefits.

New year, new HVAC services. Kimco Controls is a proud member of FortisBC’s Trade Ally Network, and we wanted to take a moment to highlight the benefits of this relationship — including how it can help your business be more energy-efficient and save money. 

What is the FortisBC Trade Ally Network?

The network connects contractors like us with customers like you for safe, energy-efficient equipment installations, upgrades and rebates. 

How Can Working With the Network Help You?

Kimco Controls is a FortisBC Trade Ally Network member — this is great news for you! When you decide to work with an HVAC, automation and electrical service provider in the Network like Kimco, you’re being connected with professionals who:

  • Are up to date on the latest training, thanks to an annual training allowance.  
  • Get first notice of significant rebates to pass on to you, the customer. 
  • Understand how and help you make sure your rebate is claimed correctly. 

Learn more about the FortisBC rebates program

2022 Co-Op Funding

Kimco is looking forward to taking advantage of both funding for training and for marketing with FortisBC this year. As a Trade Ally member, Kimco is eligible for co-op funding to help cover a portion of the training (we love professional development) and advertising.

The details: 

  • All ads must be pre-approved by FortisBC. 
  • Ads that ran prior to 2022 that you wish to re-run must be approved again. 
  • Co-op reimbursement claims must be made 90-days of the invoice date (or, in the case of training, 90-days of course completion). 

Advertising benefits are not just for the HVAC contractors. When you make the decision to use electrically operated equipment — you should be proud. The Network makes it easy to let others know about your energy-conscious business decisions. 

Working with the Trade Ally Network, you’re able to take advantage of co-marketing for your project, and let the world know that you’re making the energy-efficient choice for your business. 

Picking the Right Rebate 

Working with Kimco and FortisBC, you can find incredible rebates on elements that are key to your business, like EV charging solutions, lighting automation, or water heaters. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! But it’s important to note that the correct models need to be installed. Working with a member like Kimco, we figure out all of that nitty-gritty for you, so you can focus on your business.

Looking to work with specialists in building automation, HVAC and electrical in Kelowna who are at the top of their game and part of an energy-efficient network? Learn more about how FortisBC and Kimco can help you get the best rebates for your business.

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