Environment Control Systems for Cannabis Facilities in the Okanagan

Published on: April 20, 2018

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Indoor growing facilities are appearing all over British Columbia as new laws and regulations regarding the production of medicinal cannabis are put into place.

The legalization of marijuana in Canada is no longer just an idea. Indoor growing facilities are appearing all over British Columbia as new laws and regulations regarding the production of medicinal cannabis are put into place.

But, what exactly does a proper marijuana growing facility entail? Those considering opening a facility in the B.C. Interior should be aware that the systems needed to properly grow cannabis and follow safety regulations are important and complex.

Marijuana plants require very specific conditions in order to thrive, and therefore a high level of control over the environment is essential. Many factors, such as temperature, light and humidity, must be controlled in order to protect investments and ensure growth.

Temperature, humidity and lighting for cannabis production

In order for cannabis plants to thrive, specific temperatures must be maintained throughout the various stages of growth. The best way to achieve these temperatures is with advanced heating and cooling systems which are typically installed by a professional HVAC contractor.

Ensuring that your marijuana growth facility has the proper ventilation is also extremely important. The ventilation required for cannabis production can be quite complex, and it is also recommended to have this carefully planned and installed by an experienced professional.

Similarly to temperature levels, the humidity levels required to grow cannabis are significant and also fluctuate depending on the stage of growth. Of course, marijuana plants also rely on light. The type of lighting used and number of watts has a considerable impact on the plants.

All of these factors must work together to create the perfect environment for optimal growth. And, as each facility is unique, each one has unique requirements for creating the ideal climate. Having your indoor growing facility inspected by a professional is recommended in order to determine the specific temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting needs of your building.

Automation controls for cannabis production

Since cannabis production requires an especially high level of control over the environment, many growing facilities choose to install automated HVAC, humidity and lighting controls as well as CO2 sensors.

Although not solely used for growing facilities, building automation or direct digital control (DDC) systems are proving to be especially useful and even essential in this new industry as they offer growers confidence and peace of mind, while also protecting their investments. Learn more about the benefits of working with a professional contractor who is experience in automation here.

Essentially, a direct digital controls system controls a building’s various systems, such as HVAC, CO2 and lighting systems, from one central point. These controls also collect data regarding the internal environment, and then sends messages to the building’s various systems so that they may react accordingly. This data can also be studied by growers so that they can make changes to the systems as needed.

DDC systems can also be used to control and monitor a building’s alarm and security systems from afar, which is of value to most marijuana production facilities.

At Kimco Controls, we are experienced in environmental controls for cannabis production. If you’re planning to open a medical marijuana growing facility in Kelowna, the greater Okanagan area or elsewhere in the B.C. Interior and require guidance regarding your building’s systems, we would be happy to help. Please contact us or visit our Cannabis Growing Facilities page to learn more.

Kimco offers preventative maintenance programs to save you money and keep your systems in top shape! Our certified HVAC technicians are experienced in commercial, industrial and institutional heating and cooling systems, as well as DDC controls and automation. Click here for more information.

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