How Can I Reduce My Energy Costs During Hot Okanagan Summers?

Published on: April 10, 2018

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Did you know that the Okanagan experiences the hottest summers in BC? There are steps that business owners and managers can take to reduce their energy costs.

Did you know that the Okanagan experiences the hottest summers in British Columbia?

If you operate a business in Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, Kamloops, or elsewhere in the B.C. Interior, you’re already aware that having a proper cooling system in your building is imperative during the summer months. However, running an air conditioner all day can cause energy bills to run a little high.

How can I reduce my energy bills in the Okanagan?

There are a few steps that business owners and building managers can take to reduce their energy costs. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Have your cooling system serviced

Ensure that your air conditioner or cooling system is running as efficiently as possible in order to reduce unnecessary energy costs. If your filters are dirty, blocked by debris, or a certain mechanism in your system isn’t working properly, it could take additional energy to cool your building.

It’s best to have your system serviced in the off-months, before it’s needed most. Book an appointment today to have your system serviced.

Automate your cooling system with HVAC controls

With the proper HVAC controls in place, your cooling system will only run when it’s needed, and it will maintain the best levels possible for energy waste reduction. Functions such as timers and sensors are used to offer building operators full control over their building temperature and energy usage.

As well, many heating and cooling DDC systems collect data, such as the temperature and humidity of a building as well as energy usage levels. This data can then be used to continuously improve the system’s efficiency and reduce costs. You can learn more about DDC systems here.

Automate your lighting

Another system in your building that can be automated with controls are your lighting and electrical systems.

Similar to HVAC systems, lighting automation can reduce energy costs by ensuring that your lighting is being used as efficiently as possible. You can learn more about how automation lighting controls can save your company money here.

Take advantage of energy conservation incentive programs available in the Okanagan

Companies like BC Hydro, Fortis and Terasen often offer rebates or incentives to install energy efficient HVAC and lighting upgrades. These upgraded systems will reduce energy usage in the long run, and the incentives help make the purchase and installation of these upgrades more affordable.

At Kimco, all of our engineering design team, field technicians and sales staff are up-to-date on which incentive programs are currently available. We are also experts in building automation, HVAC and electrical systems, and focus on energy management solutions for buildings of all kinds.

If you’d like more information about how your commercial, industrial or institutional building could reduce its energy costs this summer, contact Kimco today.

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