Electric vehicles (EV) are the way of the future. EVs are significantly more efficient, reducing harmful carbon emissions and saving drivers money at the gas pump. As EVs become increasingly popular, it is also becoming increasingly important that residences and commercial properties are prepared with the proper charging capabilities.

Why install an EV charger on your property?

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Every car manufacturer is working on a electric vehicle or has already released one and are committed to getting rid of petrol and diesel vehicles completely. The development of EV charging infrastructure is critical to reducing our carbon emissions.

Brand reputation

As a company, investing in EV charging shows your dedication and leadership to sustainability, differentiating your brand from your competitors. This will enhance your position towards the environment and future technologies.

The future is now

Carbon emissions have a major impact on our environment. Tackling carbon emissions now is crucial and has become a global priority for the sustainability of our future, and our planet.

Tax incentives

The Charging Solutions and Incentives Program provides rebates towards the cost of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and provides support services for planning and installing EV chargers. Contact us for more details.

Data management

Track and log data such as energy consumption, the state of your charge, energy costs and more from your smartphone.

Access control

Control who, when and for how long an employee or guest may charge by using an RFID card reader on your charger.


Integrate your parking lot into your Smart Building by installing overhead sensors throughout your lot. From your smartphone you will be able to see the closest unoccupied stall when pulling into a premises.


Solutions for EV chargers in the Thompson Okanagan

Kimco provides Delta EV Chargers for all of your electric vehicle charging needs, from residential to commercial. We offer highly efficient, reliable and user-friendly EV charging solutions featuring three major advantages: a fast and convenient charging process, real time monitoring and control, and smart grid capabilities for energy management and cost optimization.

Our current EV chargers include:


Delta AC Mini EV Charger

  • Compact Design

  • 240V Charging

  • Max output power 9.6 kW

  • 18' or 25' SAE J1772 charging cable

  • Network Connectivity for Data Management

Delta AC Mini EV Charger


Delta DC Wallbox EV Charger

  • RFID card reader for access control

  • Dual output power 200-500Vdc (SAE); 50-500Vdc (CHAdeMO)

  • Max output power 25kW

  • 13' Charging cables

  • Network Connectivity for Data Management

Delta DC Wallbox EV Charger


Delta EV Dual DC Fast Charger

  • RFID card reader for access control

  • Dual output power 200-500Vdc (SAE); 50-500Vdc (CHAdeMO)

  • Max output power 50kW

  • 13' Charging Cables

  • Network Connectivity for Data Management

Delta EV Dual DC Fast Charger

For more information about EV charging solutions for your property, contact Kimco Controls. We would be happy to help!

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