SICA Training Centre

Working on a tight timeline, Kimco did electrical, lighting and data work for the renovated

The Challenge

SICA’s renovation to its existing office space in Kelowna involved separating the space differently by creating a training lab and business project area — splitting one main office into two spaces — adding additional washrooms and reframing the waiting area, kitchen and main office.

TKI hired Kimco to install the new space’s electrical and data cables and lighting fixtures, as Kimco is a long-time member of the association. Kimco was given the challenge of meeting a very tight construction schedule and firm budget, as SICA is a non-profit and cannot exceed the spending it budgets for.

“We were on a very tight schedule and they agreed to work within that schedule and helped us acquire material that would be available in that window. In our mind, they upheld their end of the bargain.”

— Bobbie-Lee Hirtz, Estimator & Project Manager, TKI Construction

The Kimco Solution

The new training centre is meant to be a show piece representing the best of the Southern Interior’s construction industry. With that in mind, Kimco liaised with TKI on how to route the building’s power, ensuring power cables were hidden in the ceiling behind the drywall. It ensured data cables and the HDMI cables for the training centre’s overhead projectors were long enough to run from the projectors to the designated outlets in an inconspicuous way.

Kimco also revamped the existing electrical panel, which was poorly wired with no panel schedule. It cleaned up the existing wiring and entered new runs cleanly and in an organized manner to avoid crossed or too-short wires.

It used the most up-to-date, energy efficient LED bulbs for all new lighting installations, and upgraded existing lights such as the floor pot lights in the building’s entry. In the kitchen, it replaced old pot lights with new LED ones with a warm white colour, and added under-counter LEDs that illuminate the countertop and provide an aesthetically pleasing glow. Classroom spaces were outfitted with dimmers to control the light level.

Even while going above and beyond to ensure the building’s electrical work reflected the most modern construction standards, Kimco managed to source cost-efficient materials that would be available in a tight, three-week construction window, and completed the electrical work within that timeline, reflecting its commitment to deliver excellent work at the price it promised.

“SICA sets standards on good contractor work and represents Okanagan contractors, so this building needed to lead by example. It was really important we live that standard in this work.”

— Ken Watt, Owner, Kimco Controls

“SICA’s a non-profit organization so it was really important we meet their budget. In construction a lot of contractors bank on the extras, but we don’t practice that. We want to deliver what we said at the price we said.”

— Ken Watt, Owner, Kimco Controls


Office Building

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Services Provided:

Electrical: Electrical and data cable installation, new LED lights and dimmer controls


The Southern Interior Construction Association, which represents contractors in the Okanagan, renovated its existing space to accommodate the training sessions it provides to local contractors. Local contractor TKI Construction, which managed the project, contracted Kimco to do the electrical, data and lighting work for the new space. Kimco had to complete the work on a very tight timeline and not exceed the project’s firm budget.

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