HVAC in Kelowna: 3 Things Kimco is Excited for 2022

Published on: March 03, 2022

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Discover how the HVAC, automation, and electrical industry is going to change for Kelowna through Kimco's innovation and passion.

 Members of the Kimco team at our headquarters in Kelowna. We're looking forward to servicing you with the best HVAC, automation and electrical in Kelowna and beyond in 2022!

 Members of the Kimco team at our headquarters in Kelowna. We're looking forward to servicing you with the best HVAC, automation and electrical in Kelowna and beyond in 2022!

Now that 2022 has arrived, we’re taking a moment to look back on 2021: the learnings that have come out of such an unpredictable year and our vision for the future. Building off of the year before, 2021 was a time where Kimco saw changes in the industry, and we had to remain agile, flexible, and compassionate as not only a building automation and controls company — but as people, to see it through.

2021 in Review

The Challenges

Through floods, fires, and the pandemic, 2021 was a year filled with hardship to many. For an HVAC service company like Kimco, it also changed the way the market works. Day to day things like our HVAC technicians getting work done on the road. Like many, it’s been a year of navigating uncharted territories in the industry.

“But, in the face of many challenges, we stayed strong as a company,” says Ken Watt, Director of Business Development. “We started strong and kept going. We’re very thankful for 2021 despite the challenges of what we had to face.”

The Learnings

Closing up the year, we’ve learned some new lessons in operating our HVAC, automation, and electrical contractor business. Additionally, we have reinforced some of our values in a way that we’re very proud of. Being a people-first company, we approached challenges with an open mind and worked hard to support our technicians, who were the real stars of the year.

“We have such a great team,” says Ken. “They’re good people who care.” Putting in long days, remaining agile and responsive in the face of adversity, and with a bottom line to help the community. With everything that happened last year, Kimco is proud to be a part of the solution.

The Future

For 2022, Kimco’s vision comes from the heart. After a year of wins and losses, we want to see positive change for the community we love so much. That looks like a strong economy where we can collectively thrive and provide the best HVAC, automation, and electrical in Kelowna and the Thompson Okanagan.

3 Things We’re Excited For in 2022


We’re launching new, cutting-edge software in April. ServiceTitan is the new industry standard in HVAC and automation services software; once we’ve completed this exciting transition, we’ll be able to provide that next level of service to our customers, making us an even stronger company. Learn more.

Building Renovations

Kimco’s headquarters for all things, HVAC, electrical, and automation in Kelowna are getting a facelift! Demolition starts at the end of this month, and we’re looking forward to putting together a fresh look for everybody. The new design will allow more space, expanding to utilize two full floors to their full potential. Working with local contractors, like TKI Construction, we’ll be renovating until the fall and can’t wait to reveal the end result.

New Growth

The Kimco team is growing, and we love adding new experts to our building automation services team. We’re excited to be welcoming a new full automation tech, as well as a new estimator and salesperson. Let’s keep moving forward and growing together!

Work with a building control systems company that has your best interest in mind and is looking to grow together. See what Kimco can do for your business in 2022.

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