Things You Should Know About Smart Building Technology But Probably Don’t

Published on: February 14, 2024

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There’s more to smart building technology than meets the eye! We share some insights into building automation systems that you may not know but probably should.

Building automation has a lot of hidden talents—from cost to optics to function.

Building automation has a lot of hidden talents—from cost to optics to function.

Building automation systems are all around us, making the buildings we use every day tick—and heat, cool, more secure, efficient, and well…you get the picture. With so much going on in the background of smart building technology, there are probably many things you don’t know about building automation technologies that are valuable insights for commercial building users and operators. 

1. Building automation systems are not just for heating and cooling

When people think of building controls, the first thing that comes to mind is often HVAC: heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, but building automation systems are so much more than temperatures. Building automation integration takes the most important pieces of your building and has them run seamlessly together using AI technologies, including: 

  • Humidity, CO2, and ventilation controls (to a high level of precision suitable for cannabis production facilities or wineries)
  • Gas detection and alarming
  • Solar systems
  • Air quality and demand ventilation
  • Light harvesting
  • Security, access, and CCTV

Don’t be fooled into thinking building automation is just about staving off thermostat wars in the office (though it’s a solution for that as well). Smart building technology is a game-changer for any industry.  

2. Smart building technology pays for itself

A common concern we hear from clients who are interested in implementing building automation systems but have not yet taken the plunge is around cost. The perception that building automation is pricey—making it feel out of reach for some—is shortsighted. While the initial investment can feel like a hit to your wallet, the long-term savings derived from a reduction in energy waste, simplified troubleshooting, and an overall increase in efficiency will help your bottom line in the long run. 

Plus, these are technologies of today, not just the future. Bringing your commercial building up to speed with the latest technology will have to happen eventually, and experienced commercial building automation contractors like Kimco will be able to find you the best deals and rebates for a retrofit, saving you money upfront as well. 

3. Image isn’t everything, but smart building technology makes you look good

Whether you’re a law office supporting a team of highly skilled professionals or an air traffic control tower making vital decisions every moment, providing new technology in your building signals to others around you that you take your business seriously. That covers a wide range of integrated services, including:

  • Security systems that inspire confidence
  • People counting technology 
  • Gas detection and alarming

The energy efficiency of newer building technologies also shows your occupants that you take climate goals and their comfort seriously. Give your occupants a reason to be proud of coming into the office. 

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